Imagine stepping across the threshold and being enveloped in the essence of the city.

Wake up with the unmistakable aroma of Italian coffee, immerse yourself in the historic city streets, surprise yourself by entering the Duomo and mingle with the locals at the Albinelli Market, where unique colours, flavours and scents will give you an unforgettable sensory experience.

Don't miss out on local products! Choose some delicacies to take back to your kitchen and try your hand at a traditional Modenese recipe, while the irresistible smell of ragù comes from next door.

In the afternoon visit the Ferrari Museum, where automotive history and excellence come to life. Admire the iconic cars and immerse yourself in the unique emotions that the "Land of Motors" has to offer.

At sunset let yourself be enchanted by the light that brightens the colours of the houses in the centre and treat yourself to a toast overlooking the Duomo with a glass of Lambrusco.

For dinner experience the local cuisine, a real journey within the journey! Book a table in one of Modena's starred restaurants, where internationally renowned chefs take gastronomy to lofty heights, or dive into the experience of a traditional trattoria, where time seems to stand still and loving 'rezdore' will reveal the secrets of true Modenese tortellini.

Open the door and let us take you on an extraordinary journey through motors, flavours, traditions and vibrant culture!

We are here to take care of your time and give you a bit of the magic of this land, to give you authentic experiences and build wonderful memories!


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